Fresh Maker System industrial evaporative coolers

Fresh Maker System industrial evaporative coolers

Evaporative coolers are the best cooling systems available today. Enclosing the advanced engineering of the system into a resistant structure made of stainless steel lets our designers always manage to respond to the many diverse needs of our customers.

In particular they:

- ensure perfect cooling of large industrial plants;

- guarantee the right temperature in small commercial premises by offering coolers with wheels;

- maximise the productive activity of industries;

- protect the health of employees for the production systems offering them a well-ventilated job area;

- reduce emissions of cooling gases in the atmosphere to zero, protecting the environment.

The system on which our systems are based is the Fresh Maker System, an innovative concept that uses water evaporation to cool any type of environment and which, in addition to being an economic solution, does not require large-scale masonry work to install the plant. Fresh Maker System evaporative coolers can be managed remotely by a control unit that allows the customer to calibrate the emissions of fresh air, the duration of cooling and offers them the possibility of excluding the cooling action, preserving just the ventilation function.

The Fresh Maker System cooling systems consist of few elements and they are very simple to install. After careful inspection of the site, our engineers can identify the best place to position the support bases of the cooler and, after passing through the outside air inlet pipes, having anchored the cooler to the previously positioned bracket and having connected the water supply with the cooling system, will connect the system to the mains grid.

After installing the new cooling system, it is ready to be used. On the request of the customer, practical derivations can be made that will ensure (particularly in very spacious industrial environments) even cooling of the entire internal perimeter.