Industrial cooling systems

Futurclima S.r.l.

Futurclima srl was founded in 2000 with the aim of marketing and distributing an innovative evaporative cooler system at a low cost, with zero environmental impact and very affordable operating/maintenance costs, for environments of medium / large size, such as factories, farms, gyms, churches, etc.

FuturClima srl puts to use the decades of experience of its founders in the field of evaporative cooling and designers and qualified personnel for the construction and maintenance of the systems.

FuturClima Srl is currently a leader in industrial cooling systems with FRESH MAKER SYSTEM evaporative systems. Making significant and impressive applications in different sectors of metalworking, paper and textiles and paper machines or even in the commercial and retail sectors. Moreover, in recent years it has opened up new frontiers, creating major and innovative systems in the food industry